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In today’s highly competitive, multilingual and globalized business environment, Pontemedia offers high quality services and comprehensive solutions covering a wide range of requirements, from strategic analysis and design of your digital presence to the implementation and support of e-commerce websites and services.

Get your own presence on the internet. The implementation of your website by Pontemedia provides you with a number of advantages such as:

Web Content Management

Manage your content through an easy-to-use content management application (CMS) with no need for specialized programming skills. Web site management is provided on-line, which means it can be done from any computer (desktop or laptop) or even via tablet and smartphone.

Managing the content of the web site and adding new content is done using a modern WYSIWYG text editor that allows the content manager to format the content as in a modern copywriter (e.g. Microsoft Word), easily add multimedia content (photos, videos, etc.) and links to other pages.

Responsive Design

Web design and implementation is based on Responsive Design, making content accessible, stylish and functional to all devices (Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets) regardless of screen size.

Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

Websites are designed and implemented to be “friendly” to search engines and compatible with all modern web browsers. Following the W3C consortium’s international standards that add value to websites as search engines can read their content more easily and hence get better placements in search results.

Additionally, compliance with standards ensures compatibility with all web browsers and various devices by maximizing the number of visitors that can succesfully navigate your web site.


Now you can offer your content in multiple languages, giving you access to the global marketplace as well as better positions in search results.

Web design

We are building the web sites using WordPress, the number one CMS worldwide. With WordPress, there’s practically no limit to the kind of websites that you can create. You can create an online shop (Woocommerce), a personal blog, a promotional site, a group wiki and the possibilities are practically endless.

Although WordPress can satisfy most of a Business needs, Pontemedia and it’s high skilled partners can develop custom solutions when there is a need for one.